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Dental Treatment

The process of getting a dental treatment with our Polish dentists is simple and straightforward. You can call or write an e-mail to our friendly customer care staff, who will than proceed to give you a list of options, for when you can meet a polish dentist. Once this has been done, you will be given an appointment, which you can cancel or reschedule up to 16 hours before the actual appointment itself.

Dental Treatment in London

When you come to your first appointment, you will have a consultation session. During this session you will get to know your polish dentist and he give you a diagnosis, telling you what dental problems you may have, and what solutions s/he may have to solve those issues and restore your oral health. These will be summarized in a treatment plan that will be given to you at the end of your first visit. A treatment plan should have all of the dental procedures recommended by your dentist itemized and priced separately. An x-ray will be taken of you, and it will cost 40 GBP, which is non-refundable. If you have a panoramic x-ray that is no older than 3 months, than you can bring that with you, and we will not make a new one. If you require emergency treatment, than the treatment will start right after an assessment of your dental condition has been made.

Once this initial assessment has been made, you will be booked for treatments until you have had all of your desired dental procedures done.

We have all sorts of treatments available at our polish dentistry, and we can find a polish dentist to do pretty much any dental procedure that you may need, including general reconstructive dentistry, crowns, bridges, cosmetic dentistry, endodontics, orthodontics and oral surgery as well as dental implants and any sort of prosthetics and dentures, at an affordable price, in your native polish language.

Dental Treatment at Forest and Ray

Why choose Forest and Ray?

  • Because we work only with the most highly skilled polish dentists
  • Because we can guarantee the most up to date and advanced technologies available at our polish dentistry
  • Because it is located in one of the most convenient places in London, with many options left open for public transport as well as a car park in the vicinity
  • Because it is easy to get to, and easy to get back from
  • Because our receptionist and the entire customer care staff works for the patients, and not the other way around
  • Because we value our patients as customers, not as medical problems in need of solution
  • Because we provide dental procedures in polish
  • Because we believe that everybody should have the right to get medical treatment in their own language, and we realize the importance of speaking to our patients in their mother tongue.

Any additional questions?

Feel free to contact us through our customer care staff, who will book you an appointment to see a polish dentist, and will answer all of the questions you may have, or at least know who to ask in order to get the answers you need about your dental problems.

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