Dental Bridges

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is nothing more than a row of two or more dental crowns, fused to each other, with the purpose of replacing the visible portion of more than one tooth. They become necessary if you have more than one tooth next to each other are so damaged or decayed that they are no longer useful in fulfilling their function, namely chewing and biting, but the teeth in question are not so damaged that they need to be removed.

Dental Treatment - Dental Bridge

Dental bridges, just like dental crowns, can be made from two different materials. They both have the same porcelain, tooth colored outer shell, but the difference lies in their internal structure. Our standard bridges come with a hypoallergenic surgical steel internal structure fused to a tooth colored porcelain outer shell. The other option is an internal structure made of zirconium oxide. This mineral is synthesized from raw zirconium ore in a laboratory, therefore it is a little bit more expensive than our standard variety. The benefit of zirconium oxide is that it is nearly indistinguishable from real, living teeth.

What is the procedure for getting a dental bridge?

Dental Bridge

The procedure is exactly the same two step procedure as the one for dental crownsSince getting one crown or 24 crowns takes roughly the same amount of time (the difference is not appreciable in days), there is absolutely no difference between the procedure for a bridge or just a single crown. The first half of the procedure involves a consultation and the shaping of the teeth in question, so that they will be able to house the dental bridge. An impression of your teeth will be taken so we can tailor make the bridge to fit just right and replace the teeth that you need replaced. After that, your dental bridge will be made in our very own dental laboratory, and in 2 weeks time, you can come in for a handover, and have the bridge fitted on to your teeth. For more detail, please see the crowns section.

If you have any more questions regarding dental bridges, please know they are just more than one crown, otherwise, please see our dental crowns section.  

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