Dental Crowns

What is a dental crown?

Dental crowns are artificial teeth that replace the visible portion of living teeth. They are always made form an internal structure fused to tooth colored porcelain that is matched to your original tooth color, to make the tooth seem as natural as possible. Dental crowns are usually used when the visible portion of a tooth is damaged or decayed to the extent that it is no longer useful for chewing and biting, but the tooth root and the rest of the tooth structure is healthy, so an extraction is not justifiable.

Dental Treatment - Dental Crown

At our polish dentistry, we have two kinds of dental crowns. One is our standard metal fused to porcelain dental crown. This involves a special surgical steel alloy that is hypoallergenic, and is fused to a porcelain outer shell.
The other kind is made of a mineral kind zirconium oxide, which has the quality of looking exactly like teeth, and is semi-translucent to let light in through it, and it plays with light in the same way that living natural teeth do. Zirconium oxide is a substance that is not found in nature, and os has to be synthesized in a laboratory form raw zirconium ore. This is why these crowns are a bit more expensive than our standard ones. They are just as durable and can handle the exact same amount of wear and tear as our standard crowns. These crowns are usually purchased for front teeth that are visible when you smile, as they are virtually indistinguishable from living natural teeth.

What is the procedure for getting a dental crown?

Dental CrownGetting a crown is a two part procedure. During the first part of the procedure, you will have a consultation, during which the polish dentist will explain to you how much the crown will cost, and what options you have for a crown. After that your tooth will be cleaned and healed, and will be shaped in a manner as to be able to receive a dental crown. This means that an esthetic shoulder will be made, and you will be given a temporary crown to cover the tooth until your real, permanent crown is being made. An impression of your teeth will also be made, so we can make a crown that fits just right. Luckily, we are in the privileged position of having our own dental laboratory, so we work with our own materials, and we can guarantee that a crown will be done within 2 weeks time.
After your impression has been taken, the crown will be made, and you will booked to come back for a handover. At this session, you will  get to try on your new crown, see how it fits and if the color is to your liking. If you agree that this crown is the one you want, than it will be cemented into place, and you can go home with a new, brighter smile!

How much do dental crowns cost?

At our polish dental practice, a standard metal fused dental crown costs 347 GBP. Our premium zirconium crowns cost 497 GBP. If you are thinking of buying more than one, than we do sell them for cheaper .

If you think you may need to replace a dental crown, or get a new one, than just call or email our friendly customer care staff, who will book you an appointment to a polish dentist who will be able to do this procedure for you.

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