Dental Filling

In the past there were many different kind of dental fillings, like amalgam, gold and soft ceramic as well. Nowadays, all professional dental clinics use tooth colored composite gradia, and our polish dental practice is no exception. We use this material to replace fillings as well, it is the only material that is not a precious metal that we use to fill teeth.

Dental Filling

When will I need a dental filling?

There are three types of situations that our polish dentists recognize as needing to be mended by a dental filling. The first is the obvious; you have a tooth that has a cavity on it, or has a surface carries that has damaged the enamel, the part that is rotten needs to be removed, and the hole that results in this cleaning is filled up with our tooth colored composite gradia,a dn hen illuminated by a blue light which causes the filling material to harden.
The second situation is that the tooth may be totally and completely healthy, but may have become chipped or cracked, through sports activities, an accident or fisticuffs. Even if the tooth shows no signs of decay, filling the cracks or chipped parts is absolutely essential, as the tooth will start to decay rather quickly, and it may even be painful if the crack is deep and the nerves are exposed. Exposed tooth pulp can become easily infected, and that also causes pain and deterioration, so a cracked or chipped tooth also needs to be filled as soon as possible.

The third situation in which fillings are involved is when a tooth that has already been filled looses it’s filling, and than needs to be filled again, to stop the aforementioned problems from occurring. Another situation in which you may need to change a filling is if the filling becomes too old (10-15 years),  or is chipped or has parts of it missing. You may also think of swapping your old amalgam fillings for new ones, as the old, amalgamated ones actually can cause health issues, and are ineffective as well.

Are composite fillings durable?

Aesthetic fillings are just as long lasting and durable as anything else, with the added bonus that they are tooth colored, and look nice. They also are non-harmful, which cannot be said of amalgam, the filling of choice in the previous century.  Studies have linked them to carcinogens and other health problems, like Alzheimer’s disease. At our polish dental practice, you can get your hands on some tooth colored composite gradia fillings for a remarkably low price, indeed, some may think the lowest in all of London.

Is a filling always enough to heal a tooth?

Please be aware that fillings, although a part of restorative and conservative dentistry,. can only handle so much. If the cavity is too deep, than you will need a root canal treatment, if the surface area is too wide, you may need an inlay or onlay, and if the tooth is too far ruined, you may need to get a crown.

Ask our friendly customer care staff, and they will book you an appointment with a polish dentist, who can perform fillings, ro can tell you if a filling will not be enough.

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