What is a denture?

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Dentures are the basic type of dental prosthesis. They are meant to replace a row or a large part of a row or arch of teeth. Essentially they are a row of crowns that are set into an artificial gum. They come in a wide variety of types and shapes and sizes, and they are a very affordable option for replacing a large amount of missing teeth.

At our polish dentistry, we deal quite a lot with this type of dental prosthesis. Our dentures can be made of two different types of crowns, and they can be made on to a wide variety of bases. To learn more about our crowns, please see the appropriate section. The bases of our dentures can be made of resin, which feels much like real gums, and is our cheapest option. They can also be made of silicon, which is a bit more expensive, but is reported to be more comfortable. Our overall cheapest option is a so-called metal denture, which has a base that is entirely made of our special hypoallergenic surgical steel alloy, and is covered with a resin for comfort.

What is a fixed denture?

DenturesAs you can see, so far we have just talked about the different materials that dentures can be made out of. There is another big difference that we need to talk about, however. Most dentures are removable dentures, meaning that they can (and should) be removed from time to time, allowing the wearer to wash and clean it, as well as allowing the patient to clean their gums. This is the standard mode of wearing dentures, and has been immortalized over the years, so that most of us are quite familiar with this type of denture. However, there is another option. You can have dentures be fixed into their place via a number of means. The most obvious one is when the dentures are adhered to the guns, or to a plate that is covering the gums. This is done with an adherent called dental cement, a non-toxic and very strong adhesive. The positivities of this procedure is that your gums will be covered, so you will not have to clean the denture separately, and the denture will not become dislodged easily, and you can clean your dentures as you would clean your natural teeth. The negative aspects are that it can, overtime, become dislodged, at which point you will need to make an appointment to get the denture fixed, and get it reattached. This can happen at very embarrassing times as well, so it is not a one hundred percent effective way of replacing teeth.

The other, much more expensive option is to get dentures fixed via dental implants. This would basically mean that you will need to get an impression for a bridge, to replace the teeth that are missing. You will also be implanted with a dental implant, and the bridge will be fixed to the dental implant, or to a ball attachment that is attached to the dental implant. Optionally, a click bar can also be fitted, which is a bar that the bridge would go to, and the abutment of the bar would be something that can go into a dental implant. This, click bar solution usually involves getting a dental implant placed into the roof of your mouth, which the click bar would attach to.

What is the procedure for getting a denture?

That largely depends on what sort of denture you are getting, and the price is largely dependent on that as well. You should book an appointment to one of our polish dentists, who will then go over all of the details with you, and write up a treatment plan in which you can get all of the information about the procedure with which your denture will be made, and a payment plan can be set up as well. Just call our friendly customer care staff, and they will book you to an appropriate dentist!

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