Root Canal Treatment

What is a root canal treatment?

Root canal treatments are necessary when the infection of a tooth has become deep, and has penetrated the tooth pulp, and has started to reside in the actual roots of the teeth. This is a deep set infection, and requires some expertise to cure, and involves a more complicated treatment than a filling or an extraction.

Root Canal Treatment

The procedure requires at least two visits to the dentist. During the first one, your tooth will have all of the infected tooth pulp and initial carries on the surface enamel of the tooth removed, as well as any infected tooth material inside of the tooth structure as well. Once this has happened, the tooth roots will be enlarged, and an antibiotic root filling will be placed in the enlarged roots, allowing it to fight the decay inside of the tooth. After this a temporary filling will be put on top of your tooth. You will than be done with the first segment of the procedure. You will have to wait about a week or two, depending on the size of the infection, to see how you react to the root filling. During this time swelling will almost always occur, coupled with possible numbness as well. The swelling should start to go down, and if there is any pain associated with the swollen area, to should gradually subside. If the pain and or swelling do not subside, you should contact your dentist immediately, as this means that the infection is not gone, and is still thriving. In this case the root filling will be applied again.

Root Canal TreatmentDuring your second visit, you will have the temporary filling removed, the roots will be checked for signs of infection, a new root filling will be put in, and the tooth will be permanently sealed. After this you will be done, the infection will have been fought, and you should feel no swelling, nor pain. Sometimes a crown will be needed after the infection has passed, as there may not be enough surface tooth material left to continue such basic tasks as biting and chewing. In these cases the tooth will need to be capped, for more information on our crowns, please see the appropriate section of this website.

How much does a root canal treatment cost?

Root canal treatment prices are highly dependent on how far gone the tooth is, how many visits it takes to fix the problem, and how many canals the tooth has. 

Are root canal treatments available at your polish dental practice?

Our polish dentists are more than able to carry out this procedure, as it is one of the basic staples of reconstructive dentistry, and is a routine procedure in the realm of dentistry. Our polish dental practice is well equipped with the highly specific apparatus needed to provide this treatment to our customers.

Just call our friendly customer care staff and book an appointment to one of our polish dentists, and be free from pain, swelling and irritation.

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